SUP White Water Personal Performance Award British Canoeing

SUP white water paddling is dynamic and takes place in an ever-changing environment. This award will give you the skills you need to steer your craft proactively on the river. 

You will learn how to maintain control of your body alignment whilst managing your height on the water, as well as being able to drive and control the paddleboard. Some of the key skills for white water paddling a SUP are:

Nose Drive

Crossing Flow

Maintaining Direction

Changing Direction

Running the River

When heading out onto the river you will need to make some key decisions to ensure we paddle at the right place at the right time. You will consider the grade of the river, the weather and water levels to help you make your decision. These will also influence the kit you choose to wear and take with you. 

You will also expand your knowledge of dealing with mishaps; our own or those of others, so you are a competent member of the team. 

The SUP White Water Award has no formal assessment. Each day you spend SUP paddling will further expand your skills and knowledge. With no two experiences ever the same, you will never stop learning. Together we will decide where you go next after each session in accordance to your personal goals and where you would like to improve. The award is then certificated when you are ready.

We have set dates available for this course but can also deliver it dynamically across personal coaching sessions with Anthony. 

The courses will be held in Llangollen on the River Dee and provided by Anthony Ing. 


For more information on award content click here.


Course fee £180

To book:

Call us on 07722833667 or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


If you would like to book Anthony to run a Paddle UK Stand Up Paddle board White Water Award at your centre give us a call or email to discuss dates.