Your questions answered...

Where do I meet you for my session?

All information of where to meet for your particular session or course will be on your confirmation email which we will send you once you have booked. Venues we regularly use are the world heritage site Llangollen Canal and the River Dee. The 'find us' tab in the top menu bar shows our Stand Up Paddle board UK Office, so make sure you read where to meet on your confirmation email before you leave.

Will I get wet?

It's not guaranteed that you'll stay dry so be prepared to get wet! A good portion of first timers stay completely dry bar their feet and the odd splash. We have a range of Paddleboards varying in sizes and stabilities. If you are particularly worried about falling in let your instructor know and they will sort you out with the most appropriate board for you. 

What should I wear?

For all water activities please bring a pair of old trainers or wetshoes and swimwear for under your wetsuit. We provide wetsuits for both flat water and white water courses although it is optional for flat water. If you have your own wetsuit that you'd prefer to wear, feel free to. If you choose not to wear a wetsuit, wear lightweight clothing, synthetic fabric is best, no jeans and avoid other heavy materials. Bring some wind and water proof clothing, unless it's a beautifully sunny day, in which case you might want to wear a t-shirt and shorts! It's always best to be prepared for unlikely weather though.

Whichever course you have booked don't forget a spare change of clothes for after the session!

Do I need good balance?

Most of our boards are designed to be very stable. With beginners we encourage starting on your knees and progress to a standing position. Most people who begin on their knees are upright and standing within 10 minutes!

Do I need to bring any safety gear?

We will have all of the safety equipment you'll need, from PFD's (personal flotation devices) to helmets, to quick release waist leashes (on white water). If you have booked a doggy paddle boarding session, and you would like your dog to also wear a PFD please bring one with you. 

Can children attend the sessions?

Yes! Children are very welcome on our sessions.

For Flat Water paddle boarding the minimum age to attend is 8. All under 18's must have a parent or guardian present at the session (they do not have to join in!)

For White Water paddle boarding courses the minimum age is 16, under 18's must have a parent or guardian taking part in the session.

For archery the minimum age is 5. Under 18's must have an adult present.

Is there parking nearby?

At all of the sites that we use there is plenty of parking. Some sites require Pay and Display. More information about where to meet us will be in your confirmation email.

Do you provide accommodation?

Yes we have Luxury Log Cabin Accommodation onsite so we can provide activities from your doorstep! Use the promotional code SUPUK when booking. We can also recommend other accommodation from camping to b&b's to cottages and yurts!

How do I redeem a voucher?

Redeeming a voucher online is easy. Click 'Book Now'. Type in the unique code to the 'redeem coupon' section. Select your session and complete the following steps. Here you can add friends to join you on the same session and pay the remainder. 

What can i expect on a session post COVID-19?

See COVID-19 Protocols

Any more questions?

Give us a call on 07722833667.