I’m often asked what the difference is between SUPing and other sports like kayaking, canoeing or surfing and why should people try paddle boarding over other activities?

So i’ve put together a few of the many many good points to stand up paddling and asked a few of our customers what they enjoy so much about it too.

  1. Fun while you grow a core of steal! - If you think about it, when you are paddling standing up, the force from each stroke you apply must travel through your whole body from your paddle through your arms, core, back, stomach and legs to your board to propel you across the water. This means each of these muscles must be engaged to not only maintain your strong paddle stroke but to keep your balance while standing. SUP is a full body work out and brilliantly has incredible benefits to improve your core strength, which builds muscles to help support your spine and maintain balance. We’ll show you in our next video how to utilise your forwards paddle stroke to improve core fitness, by learning the correct technique. What’s great about paddle boarding is that you can be having a day out with the family or with friends enjoying this activity whilst you get some good ol’ fashioned healthy exercise.
  2. You have so much freedom with movement - to begin with you’ll learn how to mount your board onto your knees then progress to the standing position. If you want a break from standg why not have a go at sitting, kneeling, laying on your front or back, crossing your legs, swinging your legs over the side, the choice is entirely yours! Not only can you change your position so you are always comfortable, you can also move to different places all around the board. Paddle boards are far more stable than you think!

    Sue from Norfolk says “I didn’t really think i was one for water sports but paddle boarding really grabbed me, and I love the fact that i didn’t fall in!”

  3. Standing on your craft to see the stunning views - Especially when paddling somewhere with beautiful surroundings; whether it be a canal where wild plants are blossoming or a river where you can take in the fascinating nature around you or a calm inlet by the sea, it is totally worth it having the extra height to see what you wouldn’t normally be able to see from the water. It’s also brilliant in surf, as you are already standing you can see further to see the next set of waves coming in to prepare for your next surf.
  4. There's no chance of getting stuck in your boat as you’re on top of it! - there are obviously safety measures put in place when kayaking and canoeing so you know how to escape your boat safely if you capsize, but with stand up paddle boarding the risk is minimised further as there is no cockpit, seats or yokes to get caught on as you are on your board not in it! As there is no worry of getting a dunking up side down, you can relax and enjoy the freedom of being on your board.
  5. It’s quick and easy to cool off! - If you’re too hot you can conveniently enjoy cooling off by jumping into the water without having to go to the bank for stability, just remember to hold onto your paddle! Jenny from the Wirral says “ I couldn’t get enough of the water, getting wet is all part of it and as it was such a warm day I would have been silly not to jump in!”

So the list goes on and on... with many health advantages too such as, SUP is a low impact exercise so you are less likely to damage your ligaments and tendons when training. That’s why paddle boarding is so popular with all age groups all the way to 80+!

But to sum up for now; with so many varied benefits of stand up paddle boarding, why not try this amazing sport for yourself!