Your BC SUP Sheltered Water Award will give you the ability to organise and carry out an enjoyable and safe trip on the water up to 200 metres from shore, up to force 3 in winds.  

You will be confident in considering how far you can safely travel from the shore, whilst identifying safe exit points, expanding your knowledge of rescue techniques and looking at the external and environmental factors which may affect our journey. You will create proficient skills to anticipate and adapt to problems we may encounter to enable us to have a safe and enjoyable day out stand up paddle boarding. Your award should be seen as a sound basis for building the experience and knowledge associated with SUP White Water Award holders and SUP Surf Paddle Award holders. This new personal performance scheme replaces the old star awards. 

The course will be held in Llangollen on the River Dee and provided by Anthony Ing.

Course fee £180 (+ online booking fee)

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